Why you should not bleach your skin

There is no known health benefits linked to skin lightening, but there are evidences that bleaching the skin can result in serious side effects and complications.

While considering bleaching your skin, it is important you understand what you are asking for.

When you bleach your skin, you are at risk of having:

I. Dermatitis (skin inflammation) – It’s symptoms include:
• Skin redness
• Blisters
• Itching
• Swelling
• Skin ulcers
• Hives
• Burning
• Dry, scaly skin

II. An unpleasant fish odor in body secretions.

III. A skin disorder that causes blue-black pigmentation (exogenous ochronosis). This complication usually occur due to long-term use of bleaching cream containing hydroquinone.

IV. Nephrotic syndrome (kidney disorder caused by damages of blood vessels in the kidney). The symptoms include; swollen feet and ankles, swelling around the eye, foamy urine, fatigue.
Nephrotic syndrome has been associated with skin lightening creams that contain mercury.

V. Increased blood pressure that leads to hypertension overtime.

VI. Pink discoloration especially on the hands and feet.

VII. Skin cancer: Use of bleaching cream overtime will make your skin to be weakened and vulnerable to ultraviolet light increasing your chances of developing skin cancer.

VIII. Steroid acne that comes as large, painful red lumps. Skin bleaching creams that contain corticosteroids can cause steroid acne.

IX. Body tremors and numbness of nerves in your hands and feet as a result of mercury poisoning.

X. Permanent striae(stretch marks), bruising, discoloration or thin spidery blood vessels (telangiectasia).

XI. A disruption in the hormonal balance of your body as a result of topical corticosteroids accompanied by side effects such as increased blood sugar level (hyperglycemia).

XII. Infertility problems and birth defects due to mercury poisoning.

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  1. This is a very enlightening piece… I think there’s a way to avoid all of this which is to be satisfied with your skin color. Don’t try to be someone else…

  2. How r people to know d kind of cream or soap they’re to be using?? the content of it. what make up a healthy cream for a healthy skin_!!

    1. Speak to a specialist as he would suggest better ones for you. Based on questioning, he would be able to know what you react to and what you do not react to.

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